Who Are the Agents of the Fed?

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The Agents of the Fed are the protectors of the status quo, the market movers, and the chiefs of financial corruption. They will go to great lengths to keep the current paradigm and system working. The system that they have created has allowed them to amass enormous wealth and they continue to do so at…

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The Forex Source Code

The market communicates a language to awaken traders who know how to read it. We on this blog, refer to the market language to “the Forex Source Code.” Much like any computer language or spoken language, anybody with enough determination could eventually be able to read it allowing them to see to the psychology of…

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Why Dream World Forex?

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This post is part of the free Forex beginners course The markets have become a computer generated “dream world” where vast amounts of money can be made–and yet, most traders don’t. The “dream world” is secretly controlled and managed by the Agents of the Fed (banks and institutions) and the Machines (computer robot algorithms), your…

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