Forex Inside Bar Trading

In this article we will be discussing the inside bar price action formations. Inside bars are great indicators on what the market is trying to communicate to us. An inside bar is a bar that has completely been overtaken by the previous bar (including the wicks of the candles); they are fairly common patterns seen…

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AUDUSD Rejects a Major Resistance Level April 30

As we stated in our weekly market update the AUSUSD was facing a major overhead resistance level at 0.8027 and to look for possible shorting opportunities. The Aussie dollar is now at a much lower level and anyone watching out for this trade could have made a 100+ pip profit. I maintain a bearish outlook…

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Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Markets

forex robot trader

In the so-called “Dream World”, the machines are more commonly known as computer algorithm robot traders that execute trades at the speed of light based on a set of pre-programmed conditions. Estimates from different sources state that high-frequency trading (HFT) volume accounts for roughly 60% to 90% of the entire US equity markets. Today, not…

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Free Forex Trading Course

free forex course 101

Our free educational Forex trading program will cover all the topics you need in order to get started in Forex trading! The world of the Forex is large and complex, and profitability in the markets requires an in-depth knowledge of trading. It is a proven statistic in the industry that 90% of traders do not…

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Successful Forex Trading Strategies

Forward Business Planning

This post is part of the free beginners Forex course Success in Forex trading depends largely on strategy, but strategy alone will not make you a profitable trader. Successful Forex trading requires discipline and risk management in addition to a sound, time-tested strategy. As a Forex trader, it is essential that you develop a strong…

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The Mindset of A Forex Professional

This post is part of the free beginners Forex course It does not matter how strong your trading strategy is, if you do not have the proper attitude, you will never become a profitable trader. Greed and its corollary emotions will likely start to cloud your mind and slowly destroy your account, much like a…

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Building A Forex Trading Plan

This post is part of the free beginners Forex course There are two vital components which are needed to become a successful Forex trader: developing a technically-sound trading plan and executing it on a daily basis. It is also crucial to keep in mind that a trading plan that brings one person success, may not…

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Forex Market Hours – Best Time To Trade Currencies?

This post is part of the free beginners Forex course One of the greatest features of the foreign exchange market is that it is open 24 hours, five days every week (closed Saturday and Sunday). However, a trader can buy and sell currencies at any point when a single market is open. As we will…

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Forex Math: Lots, Pips, and Risk

This post is part of the free beginners Forex course As the common saying goes, when trading you have to buy low and sell high. However, you can also try to sell high and buy low. That may sound peculiar, but in currency trading when you sell a currency pair, you are essentially buying the…

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Forex Market Basics

This post is part of the free beginners Forex course The Foreign Exchange currency market comes with its own technical jargon that could be confusing to the average person. Before going any further, it is important to understand some of the basic terms, terminologies and concepts to better understand the forex markets. Here is what…

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