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P1020332Welcome. I'm Chris Ferreira - Forex trader, international investor, traveler, author, and coach.

I share my knowledge regarding the markets so that you, too, can benefit from it. I am a true believer of the law of compensation: provide good value and you will receive what you get. If you are new to trading, I have provided a free guide for you here. If you are an experienced trader and are looking for more advanced profitable strategies, see our advanced course here.

My mission is simple: provide the best content and value to aspiring traders so they can learn how to trade the markets like a pro.

I began my trading career at a very young age when, like most traders, I lost money. The pain and suffering of getting beaten in the markets was enough for me to put my trading on hold and pursue a university degree in Engineering.

My eagerness to know how things work could not be contained, however, and so it was not long before I resumed my quest to discover more about economics in general and the financial markets in particular. I have learned that what is being reported and presented in business schools and mainstream financial media is mostly propaganda designed to make you lose money while enriching the Agents of the Fed.

I then got recruited into one of the world's largest proprietary trading firms. I quickly learned how to trade the markets from the successful traders around me. I was trained to spot banks and large institutional money order flow in the markets and to trade alongside them. The method I used to make money in the markets is pure price action. I now trade as an independent Forex trader. I also help others to became "awakened" traders.

Have you ever wondered why and how some traders can make so much money? The truth may surprise you if you do not know how the markets really work. How does Wall Street make billions every year without even producing anything of value? More importantly, where does this money come from? It may be hard to believe, but their wealth is indirectly coming from impoverishing the middle class. The middle class continues to have its savings destroyed by inflation and a loss of purchasing power that requires the need for more cash just to get by. Debt levels have been exploding in recent years as the cost of housing, food, and oil prices have gone up, keeping the poor and middle class struggling to meet even basic needs. You may ask, how is Wall Street doing this? As an insider, it became crystal clear that there was a transfer of wealth occurring, one that went from the wallets of the middle class into the fat pockets of Wall Street. The growing gap of income inequality continues to rise daily due to the consequences of the Wall-Street financial terrorism that is allowed to take place by so many of our crony politicians and their laws. Today, we are not living in a capitalist economy. True capitalist economies would not tolerate bail-outs, money printing, and debt demonetization. Our governments have been high-jacked to benefit a few elite traders working for major banks and institutions. Will you take the opportunity to learn how to trade the markets, or would you rather let the Agents rob you blindly of your wealth? The choice is yours to make.

Dream world Forex was created to help aspiring traders learn the language of the markets and provide them with the skills necessary in order to become awakened traders. The journey of how I learned to see past all the smoke in our eyes regarding the markets has been detailed in the Advanced Members Course, where not only do I show you how to spot banks and institutional money moving in the markets, but where I also provide you with the reasoning for Agent intervention and why ALL markets today are being manipulated.

This is not your typical trading course.


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