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Imagine trading, investing and living the same way the world’s best traders do. It’s possible, our strategies will show you an entirely new way of seeing the market. Are you ready?

Agent of the FED Charts

Paying less on trade commissions makes sense no matter what. With our preferred broker you can trade as low as 0 pip spread. Besides having a low cost broker to trade with, charts that are lined up with what the Agents of the Fed (banks and institutions) are seeing is also ideal. Very few brokers offer these advantages. Try a free demo today.

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Advance Price Action Course

There is not proven strategy that will work for everyone. With this course we take this into account, and help you build a trading strategy that fits schedule, risk appetite and personality. Whether you are a long term or short term trader we have solutions for everyone.

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One-on-One Coaching

Dream World Forex editor Chris Ferreira is a Forex Trader, and he can help you do the same. As a lifelong investor, Chris is available for a limited number of consultations to address whatever questions you have about your trading strategy. Whether you need personalized help finding a strategy that works for you, issues regarding consistency or tips on how to move your money cost effectively, Chris can help.

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