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free forex course 101

Our free educational Forex trading program will cover all the topics you need in order to get started in Forex trading!

The world of the Forex is large and complex, and profitability in the markets requires an in-depth knowledge of trading. It is a proven statistic in the industry that 90% of traders do not make money in the markets. There is no need to be discouraged, for this same statistic applies to new businesses and start-ups, as well. The solution is deceptively simple: those who follow the rules, maintain discipline and a strong work ethic, and seek a winning edge in the markets will eventually find success in the markets. Those who try to cut corners, will not.

“Treat trading as a hobby, and you will have hobby results.”

There are many trading courses online; why choose this one? Many are exorbitantly overpriced, while others provide little to no real value. I have prepared a Free Beginners Course to learn what it takes to make money in the markets. This free Forex trading course will provide you with the following information:

  • Common Forex basics;
  • Best time to trade currencies;
  • Which broker to use and why you need New York close charts;
  • The math involved in Forex;
  • Forex price action basics;
  • Learning how to control your trade risk;
  • What it takes to have a successful Forex strategy;
  • Setting up a trading plan;
  • The mindset of a Forex pro.

You have nothing to lose, but you do have a whole new dream world to gain! start now!

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Chris Ferreira

My mission is simple: provide the best content and value to aspiring traders so they can learn how to trade the markets like a pro. You can learn some of our strategies for free by subscribing to our email list here