The Forex Source Code

The market communicates a language to awaken traders who know how to read it. We on this blog, refer to the market language to “the Forex Source Code.” Much like any computer language or spoken language, anybody with enough determination could eventually be able to read it allowing them to see to the psychology of the buyers and sellers on the market.

Besides being able to read the language of the markets, the Forex Source Code, trading involves a certain degree of psychology that cannot be learnt by reading books alone. It must be practiced with real life scenarios while up against large players that have more money than you do. These large players in in the market are known as the “machines” (“computer algorithm traders) and the Agents of the FED (“bank and institutional traders”). These players are primarily responsible for moving the markets and therefore, absolutely imperative that you watch the screen to see what they are doing. In reality, they operate in another hypothetical dimension known as “the Dream World,” a market that has become a computer generated world, limitless to geography and finance, a world where their reality allows them to make more money than most individuals could only dream of.

Learning how to read the source code will greatly help your odds in trading, and in my opinion is the most effective way to becoming a successful trader. Just as with learning any language, it takes practice and continual learning. You must first learn the Forex alphabet, which is explored in our free e-book “The Forex Source Code”. What you will learn is how Japanese candlesticks shows us the source code letters of the market alphabet. We will go into depth how the candles are formed and explore how to add them to create Forex source code words. Typical “words” will provide clues and will will use this specialized knowledge to create basic sentence structures to read the underlying market trend, which together communicates a common language to traders. Traders who are able to read the source code use it to help identify where the Agents of the Fed are on the charts and what they are doing (buying or selling). With enough screen time and practice you, too, will be able to read this language.


Trading is part science, part art. Let this short eBook challenge you on how you have been currently analyzing the market and how you can further expand your understanding so you can be a successful trader who is not only financially free, but also geography free. We as humans were meant to be free: trading offers this possibility to anyone who wants it.

Once you have awakened from your sophomoric state and are now able to read the charts, you must continue to work hard as this e-book is only the first step on your journey. Simply, fill in the form on the sidebar of this page and we will send you this great starter ebook for free!

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