Who Are the Agents of the Fed?

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The Agents of the Fed are the protectors of the status quo, the market movers, and the chiefs of financial corruption. They will go to great lengths to keep the current paradigm and system working. The system that they have created has allowed them to amass enormous wealth and they continue to do so at the expense of everyone else. But who are they, these mysterious characters to whom we are constantly referring on this blog?

For one, they could be on the television set the next time you watch the news. They could be seen walking downtown in major cities, or even perhaps at the stadium at the next sporting event. They have billions in equity and are literally able to move the markets with a few clicks of the mouse. They directly and indirectly affect the prices of every market and asset in the world. Whether they move the markets intentionally is also another question. However, what we do know about this class is that they dress in mostly dark business suits and report to one centralized authority: the Federal Reserve System or the “Fed”. They work for the trading desk at the New York Fed (an operational arm of the Fed), the big banks and major financial institutions whose goals go well beyond just making money in the markets. Their combined risk capital represents approximately 90% of the entire market volume and faces no battle against a retail trader.

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What most traders are unaware is that the Agents of the Fed are manipulating the markets for their own power and financial benefit. They are providing you with a false vision of what is really happening in the markets, world and in my opinion, destroying the middle class of the “real world”. But how are they managing to orchestrate all of this? Let me explain…

Under Executive Order 12631 signed on March 18th, 1988 by US President Ronald Reagan a new group was created under the official name of Working Group on Financial Markets (and colloquially also known as the Plunge Protection Team). It was created as a result of the October 87′ financial crisis in aims to prevent market turbulence and to maintain investor confidence. This “team” includes; the Secretary of the US Treasury, Chair of the Fed, Chair of the SEC and Chair of the CFTC. Their discussions and goals are them executed through the Fed’s operational arm, the New York Fed with collaboration among other banks.

To be more specific who exactly these Agents of the Fed are, they mainly operate in the largest banks in the US, the so-called magnificent Five: JP Morgan, City Bank, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. These banks unofficially operate as the “primary dealers” and trading desks for the Federal Reserve to carry out trades and monetary policy orders that manipulate markets. Such as foreign exchange market intervention to create stability in the US Dollar, Gold and Silver price suppression, interest rate debasement and propping up the Stock Market. One important note to point out is that market intervention by the Agents of the Fed are mainly conducted through the transaction of derivatives.

The precise, total amount of global capital these Agents of the Fed have is not exactly known, but estimates range from 650 trillion to 1.5 quadrillion dollars. This amount dwarfs the world’s GDP at approximately $70 trillion.

According to the Controller of Currency and National Banks, here are the stats for the following banks as of December 2013:

JPMorgan Chase

Total Assets: $1.94 trillion dollars

Total Exposure To Derivatives: $70.08 trillion dollars

Total Spot Forex Trading: $61.08 billion dollars



Total Assets: $1.346 trillion dollars

Total Exposure To Derivatives: $62.24 trillion dollars

Total Spot Forex Trading: $564.58 billion dollars

Goldman Sachs

Total Assets: $105.61 billion (not trillion)

Total Exposure To Derivatives: $48,61 trillion

Total Spot Forex Trading: $3.36 billion dollars

Bank Of America

Total Assets: $1.433 trillion dollars

Total Exposure To Derivatives: $38.85 trillion dollars

Total Spot Forex Trading: $252.65 billion dollars

The Agents of the fed are robing your wealth and they are doing it through fraud, grand theft, market manipulation, front-running, misrepresentation, scamming investors, naked short selling, precious metals price suppression, controlling Washington, getting open-ended low or no interest rate bailouts when needed, and assuring world financial capitals are banker occupied territories.
However, few people know the real truth.
You might be wondering: if the markets are manipulated, then trading is just gambling. Yet, this is not the case. And if the markets are being manipulated, then how can there be people who successfully trade the markets without any insider knowledge? The reality is that these traders know how to read the language of the markets. The action of the Agents of the Fed can be seen on the charts, and by reading this you can take an unfair advantage over other traders. The psychology of buyers and sellers could be interpreted by price action on the charts and show us who is in control of the markets.

The Agents of the Fed are no different than a computer virus infecting the market, however, you can do something about it. Conventional “buy, hold and pray” investment strategies no longer work. Our Advanced Member’s Course will teach you how to read charts to spot these Agents of the Fed and how to place trades with a high degree of probability. You will also learn more about how the markets really work behind the scenes.

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