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The markets have become a computer generated “dream world” where vast amounts of money can be made–and yet, most traders don’t. The “dream world” is secretly controlled and managed by the Agents of the Fed (banks and institutions) and the Machines (computer robot algorithms), your opponents in trading. They work behind the scenes and have indirectly impoverished the middle class and make more money in the markets than you can dream of.

The financial markets hide the truth from humanity. The majority of people are led to have a convincingly false impression of life while the financial elite produce nothing of real value and are paid enormously well for it. The wealth of the financial elite continues to grow as they harvest the real world as they see fit. Despite what is commonly understood about the markets, have you ever wondered why and how traders can make so much money? The truth may surprise you if you do not know how the markets really work. How does Wall Street make billions every year without even producing a single thing of real, tangible value? More importantly, where does this money come from? You may find it hard to believe, but their wealth is indirectly coming from impoverishing the middle class. The middle class continues to have its savings destroyed by inflation and a loss of purchasing power. They need evermore money to simply ‘get by’. Debt levels have been exploding in recent years as the cost of housing, food, and oil prices have gone up, keeping the lower and middle classes struggling to meet even basic needs. You may ask how Wall Street is doing all this. As an insider, it became crystal clear that there was a transition of wealth in place, one that went from the wallets of the middle class into the fat pockets of Wall Street. The growing gap of income inequality continues to rise due to the consequence of Wall-Street financial terrorism that is allowed to take place by many crony politicians and the self-serving laws they enact. Today, we are not living in a capitalist economy. True capitalist economies would not tolerate bail-outs, money printing, and debt monetization. Our governments have been highjacked to benefit the Agents of the Fed that are working for major banks and financial institutions.

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Whether you like it or not (and even if do not trade the markets), the decisions directed by your government and central bank could affect your well being if you are not following what they are doing or, worse still, if you fail to understand the true consequences. Today, with rock bottom interest rates we are forced to take higher risks with our money to make it grow and if not, someone else will (i.e. your bank). And if you don’t do anything with your money you will lose it through inflation. There is little wonder why so many people today are utterly confused on what to do with their money.

Here are the typical investments people make

  • Real-Estate
  • Financial Paper Market (including Forex, futures, stocks, bonds)
  • Precious Metals
  • Businesses and partnerships
  • Farmland
  • Rare Art, Coins and Cars

Whichever one you chose to invest in, you must get educated. By speaking with people who have successfully made money in their respective fields, you will be learning from those who have the experience and hindsight you currently lack. The stock market, although not for everyone, clearly has its advantages and disadvantages, much like all investments. For some it will be their fountain of wealth, while for others it will be a disaster. I believe that even if you do not want to trade the markets you will still need to follow them as every investment is affected by the markets. Unlike real estate or much of the other investments out there, you do not require large amounts of capital to start trading. Combined with the benefit of working from home or practically anywhere in the world at any given time of day provides the convenience and freedom a lot people are searching for. Will you take the opportunity to learn how to trade the markets, or would you rather let the Agents rob you blindly of your wealth? The choice is yours to make.

The Idea With Dream World Forex Was to Be Unique and Different

Let’s face it. When people first start learning to trade the markets, the majority of them lose money.

Many websites provide a false hope of instant success and trading systems that promise success. Not only is this generally false, but what they are actually doing is trying to sell you a dream. The difference between other trading courses and ours is that our site actually aims on delivering that dream by developing your language skills of the markets. By knowing how to read the clues that the market is communicating to you and how to identify high probability setups with statistic and mathematics to back up our strategy, you are better equipped to succeed.

Dream World Forex aims at providing the necessary knowledge for you to navigate through this computer generated “dream world” and be a consistent profitable trader. In the Advanced Members’ Course, we go through three modules known as the Forex Trivium course that was designed for you to learn the markets in a unique way.

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In the first module, we explore the ‘knowledge‘ section of the markets: that is, how to read the language of the markets and how not to lose money. In other words, this is where we focus on advanced money management rules and learning how to read basic market structure. By being able to read market structure this is where you will learn where the Agents of the Fed are on the charts and to trade in the same direction as them.

The second module, we consider a deeper “understanding” of the markets. We focus on the execution and exits of trading and the understanding of how to place solid trades that are high probability ones. In here you will how to read advanced market structure and other advanced trading strategies and concepts.

In the third and last section, we acquire “wisdom” about the markets. We explore the fundamental “truths” about the markets and the mindset of a successful trader, so as to provide you with a framework as to whether you should, or should not be, in the markets. We also explore an in depth section regarding economics and how and financial markets are being manipulated by the Agents of the Fed and why this is being done.

There is no other course out there quite like it.

About The Author

Chris Ferreira

My mission is simple: provide the best content and value to aspiring traders so they can learn how to trade the markets like a pro. You can learn some of our strategies for free by subscribing to our email list here

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  • Saj S

    Hi Chris, what is your profit/loss percentage and in a given month how many ROI do you get?

    • Anyone could tell you that they double their account every month, which is doable. However, how long can that last until they get a major draw down that wipes them out! Ive seen this countless of times.

      I’m a professional trader who is in this business for the long term, therefore I am not searching for those unrealistic gains. My approach is much more conservative as I do not want to experience any major draw downs.

      To quote Buffet:
      Rule number 1: Don’t lose money
      Rule number 2: Remember Rule number 1.